Here’s Why Women Are Better at Money Management Than Men

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3. The Matriarch

While the father may be seen as the head of the family, it’s the mother that bears the brunt of responsibility in most households. This, of course, includes properly allocating funds so that each and every member of the family is satisfied and taken care of. So she would tend to think about saving money wherever possible so that the excess money can either be put away for an emergency or used to fulfill another need.

4. Social Programming

Society also plays a major role in the ingraining of such a quality in women. From a young age, women are tend to be told that they need to look for long-term stability in their jobs while men are given a free pass to “dabble around” before settling into their careers. So a women is programmed to think that financial stability is the end all when it comes to her career, putting logic over passion.

5. Always Thinking About the Future

Like most things in their lives, money is something that women think about in relation to the future. A women who’s got a good job with a good salary might be content with where she is now, but she is constantly worrying about whether her good fortune is going to last. It’s always “What about a year from now, 5 years from… etc.” This is what drives them to save, and therefore manage their finances better.

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